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A captive in his butterfly glass

Believing she had found the love of her life, the man who would be the father of her child, Lucy took off to share what she imagined would be the ideal existence on his farm.

The once-independent, vivacious young woman was to discover the man she thought she knew, was in fact a total stranger, someone she had no idea existed in the person she first met.

Trapped on an isolated property in an abusive and controlling relationship, living in denial and cover-up, she somehow finds the woman who was always within her, the resourceful survivor she had lost sight of. 



Victoria is a writer/biographer based in Perth, Western Australia.Primarily engaged in writing commissioned biographies for business leaders, she has recently written the first of four books for a TV celebrity and also ghostwritten a children’s book. She has lived in Germany and France for a number of years where she studied languages and literature.
Returning to St Andrews in her native Scotland, she completed a
postgraduate diploma in human resource management and industrial psychology. In addition to her career in writing, she has established a health and gourmet food business in St Andrews before arriving in Australia where she started her own successful business consultancy

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