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Karen P Weaver

Author, Publisher, Philosopher


Karen P Weaver is an award-winning publisher, author, 3x TEDx Speaker and advanced Law of Attraction practitioner.

Author of numerous books across many genres, Novels, Motivational, Children's and Journals, she chooses to lead the way in her authorship generously sharing her philosophies through her writing.

Karen is also a sought-after speaker who shares her knowledge and wisdom on building publishing empires, establishing yourself as a successful author-publisher, and book writing.

Having built a highly successful publishing business from scratch, signing major authors, writing over 30 books and establishing her own credible brand in the market, Karen has developed strategies and techniques based on tapping into the power of Knowing to create your dreams.

Karen is a gifted teacher who inspires others to make magic happen in their lives through her 7 life principles that have been integral in her success.

When time and circumstance align, magic happens.

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