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Lauren Kerr

Life Coach & Speaker


Lauren is a Life and Mindset Coach, Author, Blogger, Speaker and Mentor for thousands of women around the world who want to create a ‘Life Above Zero’. Lauren pivoted and started her own Practise inspiring women to live a "Life Above Zero" a term coined in the positive psychology field that reminds people that happiness and health are more than the absence of unhappiness and disease. Lauren’s message is that there is more to life than just surviving. There is thriving, flourishing and soaring. Lauren’s passion for helping women make mindset manageable, health holistic and life liberating has inspired one of the most impressive global movements around the world being ‘Babes in Business’ and the podcast ‘Babes Talking Business’ where she empowers and mentors women who want to create a different future for themselves and their families - how they can create a life on their own terms filled with passion, purpose, health, happiness, connection, collaboration, choices and financial independence.

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