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Going Against the Grain

Are you a person who likes to play it safe, rejecting a thought or inspiration that comes up because of fear or doubt over the outcome?


Or are you someone who challenges the status quo, looking outside the box for solutions, and coming up with innovative ideas that lead you to do things very differently from others? The world is, thankfully, made up of a diversity of personalities, and everyone is different, but if you fi nd yourself questioning the traditional way of doing things, then this book is for you. The inspiring collection of women who have contributed to this book have all gone ‘against the grain’ in their own way, by choosing directions in life that most of us would dismiss because ‘it’s just too risky’!


With over 35 years in business leadership and coaching, Cathy Dimarchos has brought together 8 motivating women who will uplift you with their stories of passion and commitment to living a full and exciting life: stories of feeling the fear and doing it anyway; stories of living life going against the grain.


Meet the Going Against the Grain authors

Meet the leader of Going Against the Grain

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