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The Leopard, The Zebra and The Giraffe

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YOU’VE PROBABLY HEARD THE SAYING ‘life is a roller coaster’ many times and as humans, we all experience highs and lows throughout the rich journey of life, but how is it we can be on top of the world one day, and almost overnight, experience the depths of despair? 

Stephen Lusty knows first-hand how it feels to be on that roller coaster. As an international business executive he travelled the world and lived a life many would be envious of, but a spiral of events took him into a deep depression, where he was shunned by many close to him, and even contemplated suicide.

In his raw and emotional book, The Leopard, The Zebra and The Giraffe, Stephen delves deeply into investigating why and how life events can have such an impact on our mental wellness and details some of the tools and experiences that have turned his life around. 

A heartfelt, genuine look at the journey of life, with a touch of Irish humour, this book is a must-read for anyone wanting to understand a little more about mental wellness and the tools that can bring some resilience and awareness to the human experience.

The Leopard, The Zebra and the Giraffe
Depression, Breakdown, Discovery and Recovery

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Stephen is a Professional Engineer who has had a varied career across the IT, Telecommunications and Data sectors. He held Senior Exec positions with Nortel, Flextronics and Google but now specialised in the commercialisation of emerging technologies. The common factor across all of his roles has been Change with a capital C: restructuring corporate divisions, driving growth, integration of acquisitions, turnarounds, left turns for start-ups have given him a unique perspective on the topic of renewal.


Complementing his structured, rational and indeed hard-core approach to leading change, Stephen has a passion for the personal and works extensively promoting mental wellness within the Tech Community and suicide prevention with Samaritans. In The Leopard, the Zebra and the Giraffe Stephen shares his story of how he mapped the process of industrial change into transforming himself - in the hope that this will be an example to others.  


Stephen lives in the small coastal town of Donaghadee in Northern Ireland and is the father of three fine sons. In his spare time he's an enthusiastic aquarist, a rather poor fly fisherman and a hard-core - but perennially disappointed - supporter of Tottenham Hotspur and Ulster Rugby.

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