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Mission Statement:

We are a press that will shine a light on Australian business leaders and founders by sharing their unique success stories to inspire, inform and educate.  To showcase Australian game-changers, innovators, and industry leaders.

Meet the Founder 

We work with Australian or NZ based businesses across the tech, lifestyle, food, retail, beauty, skincare, business, education, fashion, parenting, professional services such as doctors, lawyers, psychologists, accountants, healthcare, fitness, arts and culture, property, construction and design, celebrity and society and not for profits.

We focus on connecting the media your customer consumes to your brand, story, product or service.

We focus on all types of media relations and PR including Digital, TV, Radio, Podcasts, and Print.

“Your PR Strategy needs to include storytelling, newsworthy content seeding, precise pitching and news jacking so that you are providing the media with efficient pro-active and re-active angles on an ongoing basis. This fosters credibility, brand awareness and positions your business as the go to industry expert. Collaborative book projects cover all those bases.”

Candice PR
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