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Your Worth

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Your Worth

As a business owner, negotiating your worth with confidence is critical to your business success.

But, when you hear this statement from clients across the table, “Oh, that’s more
than I thought it would cost,” it can fill you with dread. You may find yourself
thinking, “I just wish I knew what to say next to close the deal without
underselling my worth.”, but often you don’t.
As an antidote to negotiation paralysis, this book shows you that it doesn’t have
to be that way. Instead, you’ll learn the eight characteristics that combine to
make for a powerful business negotiator.
To make the experience fun, each characteristic is represented by a native Aussie animal, because, like yours, the true powers of these incredible creatures can sometimes be underestimated.
Using the YOUR Negotiator Strengths Self-Assessment tool, you’ll identify which of the eight negotiator powers you currently have strength in and those that require your focus.


This means you can fast track your way through the book, jumping to the specific animals

you need to learn from. Complete with a suite of tools, templates

and practical exercises, bundled into YOUR Business Negotiation

Toolkit, you’ll have everything you need to Negotiate Your Worth

with confidence.

This practical guide helps unlock your ability to become a powerful

business negotiator. And, once you’re read it – like our unique

native Aussie animals – you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

So, what are you waiting for??

*$1 from each sale donated to support

Taronga Conservation Society Australia

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Sam Trattles Founder Other Side of the Table, award-winning Deals Consultant, and Author of Negotiate Your Worth and I Love Negotiating has developed mastery of a key skill that many of us wish we were better at – negotiating.


Sam’s reputation as an accomplished strategic Negotiator saw her rise to the heights of a corporate executive career with multinationals including Telstra as their General Manager Sponsorship and PWC as National Sponsorship and Brand Manager, over two decades.

Sam’s expertise lead her to found Other Side of the Table to help organisations to extract maximum value and return on investment from their deals. With a formidable toolkit of integrated marketing skills, Sam firmly believes there is a solution to any business problem. Her resume includes having negotiated some of the biggest deals in recent history in Australia in sport, the arts, music, community, and industry-specific programs. If you’re facing a game-changing business negotiation, she’s the strategic partner you’ll want in your corner.

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