Soft cover preorder release date 15. 03.2020

Book One: The city on the sea


Truvie suddenly stood next to a bald man wearing a bright blue three-piece suit and a navy-blue tie with pale green polka dots. Books and maps surrounded them. A library. A giant, lose-yourself-for-days library. Must be a university.


Waves crashed into jagged glass rocks several stories below their view out to a raging sea. She saw herself in the glass, soaking wet and shivering. Her lips blue, quivering. 

Squinting at his reflection, she knew him. "Granddaddy?"

"Welcome home, Truitt Skye. We've been expecting you."


This exciting new quantum fiction series will challenge your expectations of what is real and what is imagined and leave you questioning whether there is any difference between the two. What you want is always available to you in an instant. Can you feel it? 

Welcome to the City on the Sea, dear readers. We are extremely pleased to have you here.


Becoming Truitt Skye


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