EARTH TO KIDS- LIMITED & LUXURY HEIRLOOM EDITION (1000 copies for life, numbered)

What’s included: 

-- The limited edition collectors book. A luxury edition of the book ‘Earth To Kids’ by Peta Kelly with a piece of watercolour artwork on every page by Danish Artist Nynne Mors. Specially designed by Billie Temple, there is a hand touched special effect on each page. Hurtwood books ensured only the highest quality and most sustainable materials were used to make this truly an item of luxury. See this bloggy post for all the attention to detail!

-- A ‘make your own book’ colouring book, with the original line drawings of the artwork inside the book. So your child (or you!) can colour in your own version of the book and either keep it or gift it to someone… Grandparents would froth this gift, so would other children :)

-- A special bookmark with artwork created by children at Refugee hostel in Brixton, Uk..  Daniel, Valeria, Mohamed, Aya, Roza, Rahoz, Raz, Caleb, Maite, Jade, Albion, Nicholas and Helene. Each bookmark is made from one recycled coffee cup, and in creating this book, we donated money for art supplies for the children. Van, the-coordinator said it will keep their art projects going for another few years :) You can read more at

-- Gorgeous wrapping.

-- A whole lotta TLC you’ll feel when you hold it. Read all about this on the blog

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The book was made in the UK so all prices in accordance with GBP.  It’s being shown in AUD as i’m now back in Aus. Please see rough currency conversions. To be clear the GST tax is included on all purchases regardless of what country you are purchasing the book from. 

~ £95.00 + 10% GST = £104.50 GBP

~ $ 121.00 USD + 10% GST = $133.00 USD

~ $177.00 AUD + 10% GST = $194.00 AUD

~ €110.00 + 10% GST = €121.00 EUR


"Once you have savoured quality, you will never settle for mediocrity. But we are exposed to quality less and less frequently in today's consumer society, so that we no longer desire it. Quality is expensive. it cannot be mass produced. This is the definition of luxury." Dominique Loreau. 

Earth to Kids


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