Anyone can see the place where her sister and partner died. It’s near the sharp turn in the road, the place where the car flew across the river. They had to tell her before the newspapers published the headlines.

Life-changing, incomprehensible and devastating. That is how it felt.

She had never been truly aware of her own mortality until Zoie died. When she lost her husband to depression and suicide, and her family lost her brother to brain cancer, she realised how brutally short life could be. In anger, fear, sadness, grief and loneliness, she questioned, why was I still alive when they were not? Why had they died? If I was here, then what did that mean? She decided it must have meant something. Grief changes your landscape, but it does not define you.

This book acts as a measure of wisdom through difficult times, on such challenging topics as brain cancer, depression, suicide, miscarriage, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, grief, funerals and coping. These pages offer comfort to people, from the recently bereaved to those who lost loved ones years ago, and identifies themes of grief but, defines that there is, no right way to grieve. Put simply, grief has no time limit, and no calendar.

Written after her mother's deterioration to Alzheimer’s and her father’s diabetic experience at death’s door, her memoir style book is an unwavering account of how all sense of meaning in life can be lost, and how we can reshape our lives. We can live a meaningful life alongside grief, moving through it, rather than seeking to overcome it.

Hitting My Reset is an utterly compelling story of one woman’s altered landscape. A book for grieving people, for those who love them, and each other.

Grief hurts. It’s hard to go through, and painful to watch. This book will be relevant for many years to come.


Hitting My Reset