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Stories of women who remembered their truth & power

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Starry Night

Rising Matriarch 

What does it mean to be a woman in her power? 


To be a woman of courage, confidence, and authenticity? 


To be a Matriarch? 


The dictionary definition of Matriarch is a 'woman who is the head of a family or tribe,' but it goes much deeper than that. It's a fierceness; an incredible collective force.  A need to nurture, protect and encourage a remembering of ancient wisdom and guidance. 

The real and raw stories of truth and power that fill these pages are from a sisterhood of 24 amazing women who embrace their vulnerability, so that you may be inspired, uplifted, and motivated to ignite your own power. 

Beware though! This book comes with a warning, as it is not for the faint-hearted. Many of the stories touch on sensitive subjects, which may invoke a powerful response.  Will you find yourself in these pages? 


We invite you to journey deep within, and open yourself up to resilience, strength, love, and magic!

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Meet the Matriarch's & their chapter

Laura Elizabeth:  Flavours of Magic

ASH: The Art of Devotion

Amanda Greasley: Limitless, Fearless, Fierce.

Amberlee Carney: The Angry Pussy

Bec Cameron: The Shit Queen

Bonnie Collins:  Pathways

Charlene Joy: Retrieving Joy: The Alchemy of Grief & Loss

Emma Snelgar: This Motherhood Mess

Gezzelle Sabina: Bullied

Heidi Mippy: Kubarli Dreaming

K P Weaver: The Wild Within

Kathryn Ottobrino: Unapologetically You ...

Kerry Mitchell-Bathgate: Soft, Squishy & Super Fucking Sexy

Kirsten Lyle:  The Birthing Process

Krystal Miller: She Said & She Did

Lisa Johnson: My Ladybits Are Lemons

Michelle Duke: The Long Way Home

Nellie Barnett: No Wrong Turns

Ninielia Marie: The Power in You

Querida Perina: Lineage

Rachel Carmichael: Pandora's Box

Rebecca Lee: Lifeless

Sandra Erica: A Descendent of Humble Beginnings

Sohalia Fitzgerald: Cycle And Gateways of Feminine Initiation

Upcoming interviews and media

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Peek inside

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