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Same People,
Different Vision

Developing leaders of today to shape a better tomorrow

Same People, Different Vision

Have you ever considered what it takes to do more and be more; to have outstanding achievements in life while also helping others? 


As a leader, in business and in life, it’s time to step outside of the comfort zones that hold you back and take a look at everything from a different perspective; to transform the world simply by being more conscious of the words you use every day. 


With over 35 years in business leadership and coaching, author, Cathy Dimarchos is passionate about developing leaders who leave a lasting impact on the lives of others, to shape a better tomorrow.  


Will you join her on the journey?  Cathy knows that when you create amazing teams who align with your values, the ripple effect contributes globally to the change you want to see in the world. 


So if you’re ready, this book will help you discover the ways in which you can lead with influence, passion, and commitment to others, giving you actionable guidelines to elevate your leadership and redefine everything you thought you knew about being a leader in today’s conscious world.  

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Meet Cathy Dimarchos

A multiple award-winning strategic business advisor, mentor and inspirational international speaker, Cathy is an indefatigable philanthropist who is passionate about raising the baseline of where people begin their life. Her passion is to assist people to leave a lasting imprint and create paths that enable them to lead the lives they deserve.

As a professional advisor, consultant and motivational voice, Cathy dedicates her time to a combination of people, business and situational skills, delivering tangible business toolkits and solutions to clients from every imaginable background. Through the global financial crisis Cathy saw thousands of people destabilised, her clients facing financial hardship and unacknowledged anxiety, as well as mounting mental health issues. It was during this period she decided that she needed to do more – be more.


She changed the way she approached everything, studying counselling to further understand the machinations beneath the decisions and struggles she saw day-to-day in organisational roles. More than numerical support, Cathy goes beyond the product, or process, guiding her clients through their immediate needs, long-term options and real-time pain points. Working across international borders, cultures and different perspectives highlighted the importance of embracing her professional lives holistically. 

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