Writing the Dream grew from a dream.

In 2014 I had a dream that a book would come to be that inspired aspiring authors. My publishing press had taken a new name and I had a vision for our future and this book would be a big part of its future. I connected with a few potential contributors and was getting a positive response. I wasn't feeling the heart driven passion I usually do and so I left it sitting for a while - the seed had been planted.

Then in 2015 with a new found passion for the book and connections to be proud of I mentioned it to my partner Monique who helped by getting word out about a potential anthology. We were brave and cheekily asked a few established authors to contribute and when we got the thumbs up from them we really began to get excited.

Within a few short months and with Monique managing many of the submissions we had an amazing array of stories to choose from. We were beaming with pride and became excited by the potential of our collection.

Writing the Dream has 24 amazing contributors and has been given a wonderful foreword by someone we respect. It will be released November 18, 2016 and if you are looking for an amazing gift for yourself or a loved one, this will be the gift to invest in.

Writing the Dream is available on pre-order now at www.serenitypress.org and you will receive a free special edition notebook for pre-ordering.