Author Series: Meet Anita East

  1. Can you share a little about you and your purpose in life (500 words max)

Anita is the CEO of Anita East Medispa, a clinic specialising in non-surgical cosmetic medicine. A Nurse Practitioner, Anita has performed more than 18,000 treatments on people worldwide. She seemingly loves to write and holds a BSc, MA in Acting, and a MSN. Full-time mother to two darling daughters, Anita is determined to make the world a safer and more accepting place for when they grow up and ask, "Am I beautiful enough?"

Beautiful Unique Faces, Anita's first book, was released in September 2020. An international Best Seller in Australia and the UK, Beautiful Unique Faces has seen Anita with a global following, making her a regarded thought leader and public figure in the area of female health, empowerment, and wellness. In 2020, Anita won the national ROAR Success - Gold Medal award for Making A Difference to society. So far, 2021 has seen her win Gold Medal / First place for the international Feathered Quill Awards in the category of Self Help and Bronze Medal / Third place for the Debut Author category.

An expert in the concept of modern beauty, Anita is often called upon to present at meetings both in Australia and internationally. She can be found presenting at the British Council in Pakistan for the 2021 Women of the World Festival, at the 2021 International Women’s Festival, and various medical conferences. She has written for Spa & Clinic, The Latch, Body & Soul, and Professional Beauty. Anita is a regular guest on podcasts and radio segments.

Anita has also worked as a professional actor and TV Presenter. In truth, educating people through storytelling is her passion.

About my book:

A vital message for our time, Beautiful Unique Faces by Anita East cuts through the noise in our heads to get to the truth of our beauty. Thanks to increasing pressure to look beautiful from social media, influencers, friends, society and even our own self- expectations, women and girls are in the stranglehold of a sickening mental health crisis. While Botox and injectables aren't new, their availability, price point and the relentlessness of Instagram has given women across the world a skewed idea of what's both aspirational and attainable in facial beauty.

In Beautiful Unique Faces, Anita reveals the frightening changes she's witnessed in female demands for cosmetic enhancements, sharing case studies and personal anecdotes from inside the treatment room. More importantly, she explains how women can find and appreciate their Unique Facial Feature as well as how to avoid becoming another Pretty Ugly Face. Join Anita as she rips apart society's expectations of perfection and shares her proven formula for becoming happier and more beautiful in your own skin.

2. Did you always plan to write a book?

I love writing. It gives me the freedom to fully express how I feel, process situations, and work out the best way to understand them. I’m so glad I found my way back to writing. When I was in my final year of high school, I went from being at the top of English to in comparison, finishing the year really quite poorly. We had a disruptive student in the class and as a result, our English teacher struggled to maintain the focus of the class. Sadly, my favourite subject became my most loathed. I’d always wanted to be an author up to that point but lost my faith in English after my senior year.

Thankfully, I didn’t lose my love of writing. Being a professional actor, I’m fascinated by story creation and have penned short stories, film scripts, and many academic papers. The story of Beautiful Unique Faces wo