Author Series: Meet Cathy Dimarchos


Can you share a little about you and your purpose in life (500 words max)

Life for me is about continuously looking inward and asking myself how I can contribute more, and recognising that the more I learn, the more there is to learn about myself and those around me- asking myself “What else?”

Whilst I live in the present, my thoughts are about the future, and about the footprint that will be left behind. I don’t focus on what I don’t have, and acknowledge what I do have.

I wake up daily knowing that the day begins with me and that I have the ability to contribute to the changes that I want to see. I think about the impact I want to make out into the world, and am aware that some things are beyond me, they’re beyond my inner circle, and beyond what I am aware of.

We live in a world where everything we do impacts someone else, but at times, we don’t take the opportunity to pause and consider what that impact may be. I’ve become more conscious of my actions and the impact that may have on those around me, noting that I may be impacting a greater circle – the greater ripple that we are all a part of.

As a business strategist and leadership development coach, I look beyond the surface and what people tell me. It is often in what people don’t tell me that the most important message sits.

My work has evolved over the years and my business was formed with a purpose to create impact. Life for me is about paying things forward and I am committed to contributing to lifting those around me, locally and across the globe. A big part of my business incorporates Pro-bono work especially in the current economic times. I have been fortunate to have the support of my amazing husband and family who never doubt or question my commitment to paying things forward.

My project – Raise the Baseline evolved from me reviewing a Business Plan of a young women who dared to ask for help in 2014 whilst I was in Tanzania with my daughter working in orphanages, to now delivering Leadership Development Programs to school students, and Entrepreneur programs to future leaders. This young woman is now one of our Facilitators, some 7 years later.

When asked why Tanzania and not something local, I say “why not?”. Those that know me, are aware that I contribute to my community and those who reach out, but my work in Africa began with purpose for impact. It is about giving under developed countries access to something that is readily available here but not so there. I can make greater impact by bringing western people to Tanzania, showing them, they matter and that someone across the globe believes in them. These programs create a path that will be built on over time, showing them how they can raise the baseline not just for themselves, but for others around them and their community.

When someone is courageous to ask for help, know they have the grit and determination to make things happen. Know that despite obstacles, roadblocks and being told “NO”, they will find a way and make it work. My journey is to show others how.