Author Series: Meet Naomi Fryers.

1. Can you share a little about yourself and your purpose in life?

I think my mental health recovery journey has taught me to really give back some of the kindness, love, and gentle encouragement that has been afforded to me. If I am able to do that in the writing, publishing, and storytelling space by promoting awareness and diversity - that is the ultimate goal. If I can help empower people to heal through my words that is my purpose. It's a never-ending journey that will naturally evolve but I'm particularly passionate about suicide prevention. I feel like the grace that saved my life- also compelled me to help others. The world needs more helpers like never before. In particular, in the mental health space, we need all hands on deck.

2. Can you share with us the call to write your book?

The idea that if you have a story inside you wanting to be told, that is a gift that someone else needs.

3. How long did it take you to write your book?

It took 3 years on and off.

4. What are your hopes and dreams for A Very Long Way?

Make a tangible difference and raise awareness.

Either by giving hope or helping people navigate and feel less alone.

But also to contribute to Black Dog Institute's lifesaving work.

5. What does the future hold for your authorship?

Back into it for Nanowrimo in November. Kids storybook. 'THE WORLD ACCORDING TO TED.' Then more projects and articles until I find inspiration for book #3

6. Can you share with us a fun fact about you?