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Publisher interview series: Women Changing the World Press

1. Can you share a little about your publishing press and your passion behind it

Women changing the world press publishes women who are committed to making the world a better place through their words and actions. We publish thought leaders, entrepreneurs and women changing the world in big and small ways. We believe that investing in women is the most powerful way to change the world and we are passionate about amplifying women’s voices, stories and ideas through our platforms and providing more opportunities for women to share their message with the world.

2. Did you always plan to be the founder of a publishing house?

Our vision has always been to support women. We’re passionate about amplifying women’s voices and connecting them to new opportunities so when the opportunity to become a publisher came along we knew that it would align with our big picture vision.

3.Who is your ideal author?

Our ideal author is a visionary thought leader, who has a vision to change the world through sharing her voice.

4.What are your biggest achievements to date?

We have an online community of 150,000 Australian women, we’ve published 2 Amazon best sellers and published over 60 authors. In 2022 we’re publishing our first international collaboration led by Oprah’s all-time favourite guest Dr Tererai Trent.

5.What advice do you have for others who want to write and publish a book?

Stop waiting and start writing! A lot of the time people are held back by fear and self doubt, like -who would read this? What do I have to say that hasn’t been said before? But honestly no one can say things the way that you do or has the perspective you have so believe in yourself and give yourself permission to use your voice and share your message!

6. Where can a potential author find you?

Get in touch at our website –


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