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The Intuitive Detective

Do you listen to your intuition?


Even when you know following it will result in your life-changing forever. Or do you later wish you had followed your intuition after realizing you have been avoiding and ignoring it out of fear? No one knows this better than Stacey Webb 


A police officer for fifteen years, thirteen as a detective, and with a passion to assist people experiencing trauma, Stacey Webb shows how she has been guided by her intuition in her personal and professional life. Not only to do her job investigating serious crime but to create and hold space for people at a time where they are most vulnerable.  


Stacey Webb shares snippets of her youth, early career, and present-day experiences to bring awareness to the intuitive guidance she receives. Showing how facing her fears brings forth her own self-acceptance and reveals the layers within her own healing journey.  


Stacey Webb inspires us to listen to our inner compass and attune to our intuition, allowing ourselves to be the detective in our own healing journey.  

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Hi, My name is Stacey Webb and first and foremost I am an imperfectly perfect human being. I am also a Trauma Release Mentor and Author.

My mission is to embody my truth and power as I continue to support people who are embarking/ continuing their trauma healing journey. 

I work with people who feel a deep longing to reconnect themselves, and with an open mind, we build a flexible regulated, and autonomous nervous system, allowing the release of fear and trauma within the body so you can live your authentic truth.

I create and hold space for people as they release; fears, stressful emotions, traumatic events, unhealthy habits/ patterns, and limiting beliefs using an intuitive blend of EFT Tapping, breathwork, and somatic embodiment. 

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