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Double Trouble, 
Double Treat


Double Trouble,
Double Treat

From the moment the doctor utters those mind-blowing words, “Congratulations, you’re having twins”, life as you know it changes in the most amazing ways.


A rollercoaster of emotions is triggered in an instant and it can be hard to process the excitement, panic, joy and overwhelm that follows.


So if your head is spinning as you contemplate the real life journey of having and raising not one baby, but two, this book is perfect for you and your family.


Written by a mother blessed with two sets of twins herself, this book has all the tips, tricks, and funny anecdotes to settle your mind and prepare you for all the malarky to come.


In this story, Annie will help you find calm in the mayhem, structure in the chaos and confidence in your abilities so you can relish in the pure joy that twin parenting brings.


Author, Annie Gibbins, delivers firsthand experience of raising not one, but two sets of twins, through a thoughtful, well-informed and at times, comical guide for those heading into the daunting role of twin parenthood.


Buckle up, breathe, and bask in double love



Starting her career as a registered nurse, Annie went on to become a health educationist, change management CEO and entrepreneur whilst raising her family of five, including two sets of twins born 26 months apart.


Annie Gibbins is a passionate and purpose-driven ‘fempreneur’, global women’s empowerment coach, CEO, podcast host, speaker and number-one bestselling author. Positioned as one of Australia’s leading voices for women in leadership and founder of The Women’s Business Incubator and TWINS 191 The Women’s Business Tribe, Annie is a digital powerhouse helping women push the limits of what is truly possible.

Her many professional accolades gained over 30 years across health, education, corporate, NFP and charity sectors drive her to inspire and empower women across the globe to achieve success in business and life. Becoming Annie the Biography of a Curious Woman inspires women to set the bar high to achieve success, balance and happiness on their terms. Women from around the world can access Annie’s atomic energy, skill and wisdom through her transformational coaching programs. Power, freedom and confidence gained from her decades of business and life experience quickly shift them from where they now are to where they dream to be.

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