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Powerful Women

Collective Wisdom

Endless Impact

Within each of us lies hidden gifts and an unstoppable power waiting to be discovered and unleashed into the world.

“Unstoppable Stories” reveals how pain transforms into purpose, the power of storytelling, and its worldwide ripple effect, uniting us with a deep, heartfelt aligned energy that reflects each author’s essence.


Plunge into a sea of stories where perseverance illuminates the way, dreams guide through storms, hope anchors the soul, resilience fills the sails, and every bond beams like a guiding light.


Creating “Unstoppable Stories” alongside inspiring, powerful women has been an extraordinary journey of lasting influence. This project will serve a higher purpose, dedicating royalties to fight the stigma and silence around suicide prevention, creating “An Unstoppable Movement.”





Laurie Burrows and Jacque Almeida. Together with Lejla Dauti, Magdelena McMorrow, Geraldine McGrath, Paula Esson, Bried Lynch, Jenny Gordon, Rosie Keaney, Vicky Blades, Cara Quinn, Sharon McNulty, Briana McAteer, Holly Holland, Jenna Hastie, Fiona Condren, Claire Auchmuty, Mairead McDonald, Elizabeth Gabauer, Elaine Curry, Joanne Colely, Emma Last, Alison Armstrong, Lisa Benson & Nadine Robinson.


As featured in: 

Unstoppable Stories Leader

Geraldine McGrath – Award Winning Podcast Host of Radiate Realness

“Unstoppable: Where Grit Meets Inner Fulfilment and Compassion, Shaping Barriers into Bridges.”


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