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In these challenging and complex times, we need a new definition of confidence.

Fleur Chambers, bestselling author, multi-award-winning meditation teacher and creator of The Happy Habit, provides an exciting and necessary roadmap for anyone who wants to challenge the stereotypes, feel comfortable in their own skin and quietly proud of the unique contribution they are making to the world.

It’s time to embrace Wholehearted Confidence – our capacity to befriend our insecurities, grow through our challenges, live from our values, feel at ease amidst uncertainty and believe in our capacity to create change.

A new way to live, love and contribute

‘Fleur Chambers has done it again offering soulful guidance that is fresh, helpful and deeply grounded.’


Rick Hanson PhD, author of Buddha’s Brain:

ePractical Neuroscience of

Happiness, Love, and Wisdom

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Fleur Chambers is a multi-award-winning, internationally recognised meditation teacher and creator of The Happy Habit app. Her offerings have been downloaded two million times in over forty countries.


Proceeds from all Fleur’s projects go towards grassroots projects that tackle poverty in some of the world’s poorest communities. Her work, and your participation, are powerful reminders that we can improve our own lives and contribute to the world in positive ways — one breath at a time.


Fleur lives near the beach in Melbourne, with her husband, three boys, and dog Lucky.

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