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A Very Long Way

A VERY Long Way is the hopeful non-fiction narrative that provides a rare but relatable insight into the lived experience of an ordinary Australian with significant mental health struggles.


Naomi Fryers' book explores her tenacious journey towards recovery, during which she learned many key life lessons. One of the main ones being, the importance of embracing natural self-expression as a means of rediscovering an innate sense of self.


A VERY Long Way uses her real-life example of overcoming, as a basis of proof that surviving can translate into future thriving, for those determined to commit to healing. Naomi’s thoughtful writings have graced the pages of many celebrated publications including The Huffington Post and Elephant Journal.


She has also worked in a professional capacity in both not for profit and government organisations, advocating for progressive and systemic changes to the mental health sector. In a country where almost forty-five percent of our population will experience some form of mental illness in their lifetime, can you afford not to hear her real-life lessons?

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Meet Naomi Fryers

Naomi Fryers has been expressing herself through storytelling and writing for decades. Her words have been published in many high profile celebrated international publications including Huffington Post, Yahoo Lifestyle!, Medium and also in Elephant Journal, where she graduated from the writing academy. By virtue of lived experience, she is also a mental health recovery expert, passionate about utilising words and communication for healing, creating words that are both cathartic and of benefit to others, and championing diverse voices in the publishing space.

She is a former editor of US-based, social justice publication, The Good Men Project. A testament to her ‘well, I could give it a go’ attitude she successfully navigated that post, through editing, layout and publishing articles for huge international distribution while struggling with severe postnatal depression. At the time she worked off an old two-hundred-dollar HP laptop with sketchy wi-fi piggybacked by tethering from an old iPhone. While she doesn’t recommend this method to others, she ultimately feels it added to the tapestry of what was an enriching experience.


While obtaining her Arts degree at Monash University, she also served as editor-elect for the illustrious student newspaper Lot’s Wife. During Melbourne’s COVID-19 lockdown, she completed a government-supported internship with Independent Australia that focused on the experiences of diverse and vulnerable communities. Naomi’s own lived experience of overcoming mental health struggles has given her a passion for mental health advocacy and suicide prevention. As such, she is delighted to be donating half the proceeds of sales from the aptly named title A Very Long Way to Black Dog Institute.


Naomi’s story personifies human struggles. She is hopeful that her narrative and work will contribute to public discourse, candid discussion on mental health, the dire systemic changes required to approach holistic mental health and vital work on suicide prevention. So despite having come such A VERY Long Way, she is confident her work will eventually help to progressively change the world and this book is just beginning.

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