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What do you wish you had the courage to do?


To achieve anything in life you must have the confidence to begin, to imagine, to plan and to make it happen. So many people are held back by fear or wanting to play it safe, and yet, if you can find the courage to start, you never know what will be possible for you. Changing your life and achieving your dreams is possible. It starts with you taking that first step to recognise what you want your life to be like and then having the courage and the confidence to make it so.


Courage and Confidence is the essential guide for women in business who are ready to take on their biggest dreams and make them a reality. Filled with practical advice and tools combined with powerful and motivational stories to inspire you into action!

Proceeds from the sale of this book go towards providing scholarships for women to attend The Women’s Business School programs.


Featuring Authors:

Amy Huebner, Annette Densham, Bianca Stawiarski, Candice Meisels, Cath Nolan, Chelsea Munro, Danielle Loader, Emma Cook, Fleur Chambers, Jenny Pither, Jody-Lee Euler, Justine Martin, Karen Mc Dermott, Karen Perks, Mafae Belasco, Marika Gare, Melissa Haque, Natashia Telfer, Peace Mitchell, Samantha Richards, Sandy Davies, Sarah Stoddart, Vanessa Atienza-Hipolito, Vanessa Marrama

Courage & Confidence

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