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The Origins of Creativity is a book that challenges everything we traditionally think about creativity- who its for, where it comes from, and how we nurture it. It’s time to start a renaissance and the first step is debunking the creative elite. 


Diana is a storyteller. Whether it’s a camera or pen, she uses her talents to capture and share people’s stories.People don’t always remember what we say, but they never forget how we make them feel. It is this power she strives to endue in her writing and photography. Using her words and photos, she seeks to encapsulate emotion and connection to all who interact with her art.
She is a co-founder and director of The Lab Factory Co-sharing Space. Her passion for community and her drive as an educator & communicator outwork in the many workshops and events she organises and presents at The Lab Factory. She has spoken at conferences all over Australia and Internationally. Well regarded for her ability to bring enlightening new perspectives, she strives always to leave her audience with actionable steps for change.  In her other business, Life as Art Branding & Photography, she strives to marry her fine art photography with beautiful design, all while conveying emotive messages. 
The Origins of Creativity is Diana’s second book. Her warm disposition and well-tuned ability to find connections where others do not afford her insight and fresh perspectives on the topic of creativity. Readers will discover these sophisticated insights happily gift-wrapped as sweet morsels for their delight. A renaissance is happening, and “Diana can be found holding her camera and unleashing the words of encouragement to anyone who crosses her path.” 

The Origins of Creativity

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