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This book has been designed with you, the reader in mind. Each chapter delves into the unique aspects of what life is like for those living with dyslexia and associated neurodivergences, providing in-depth insights and practical advice based on Australian first research into adulthood dyslexia.

To facilitate deeper understanding and engagement, the book includes a series of exercises. These exercises are crafted to spark meaningful conversations, promote psychological safety and to foster empathy and understanding towards those with neurodivergent conditions. It is my sincere aspiration that this book will not only serve as a resource but also act as a catalyst for change. By shedding light on the barriers and biases that may unintentionally marginalise and devalue individuals with dyslexia and other related conditions.

It aims to bring about change within the education, health, disability and employment sectors through policy change by recognizing and supporting the unique strengths and challenges of those with dyslexia. Through these efforts, I hope to foster a more inclusive society where every individual, regardless of their neurodiversity, feels valued and empowered to reach their full potential.

Dyslexia: Insights into the hidden disability in and out of the workplace

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