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Discover the compelling narratives within the Hear Us Roar series as these voices unite to reveal their personal journeys, all in the spirit of upli ing and inspiring others.Whether their story is on Courage and Perseverance, Stealth and Faith, Power and Intuition, or any theme in this series they will introduce you to a diverse array of co-authors from across the globe, each with unique paths to success, but a shared commitment to baring their souls and sharing their stories.Are you prepared to experience the resounding power of our collective voices? Get ready to Hear Us Roar.


FEATURING AUTHORS: Alison Bannister, Amanda Thompson, Annie Gibbins, Dr Aparna Baruah, Bianca F Stawiarski, Billy Dib, Brad Walsh, Catherine Molloy, Chiara Sharp, Ciara Lynch, Emma Weaver, Fleur Chambers, Genine Howard, Glenn Marsden, Holly Rose Holland, Joanne Colely, Jonathan Weaver, Justine Martin, Kamila Hur, Karen Weaver, Karen Perks, Kelly Van Nelson, Kerry Ridley, Lisa Benson, Liz Hicklin, Michelle Weitering, Miranda Murray, Nicole Whitty, Pete Cohen, Sandy Davies, Sonee Singh, Stacey Webb, Steve Rodgers, Dr Tanjia Coleman, Tom Smyth, Tracey Regan, Vikki Speller.

Hear Us Roar Book & Docufilm

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