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It’s a fact; women leaders in our world today continue to face the challenges of inequality and gender bias. Women in positions of leadership have to work harder and smarter just to be seen and heard, but could it be that makes them even better leaders?


So what does leadership mean to you? It can be many different things, but in this 21st century post-pandemic world, it’s not about power over people or status. Leadership today is about inspiring others with empathy and accountability, and organisations are coming to the realisation that women in leadership bring motivating qualities to any team.


In this book, award-winning entrepreneur and business leader, Mairead Mackle, has brought together 14 inspirational women from all walks of life and industries. Women who have dared to see a bigger vision, taken risks and stepped through their comfort zone with courage and conviction to achieve their dreams.


Voices of Leadership is a fascinating insight into the lives of these creative and innovative women who challenge the status quo and look to make positive change in the world. It’s driven by a passion and desire to support an equal society, encouraging and empowering women to step into success with confidence.


Contributing authors include: Angela Moore, Anne D'Cruz, Cliona O'Hara, Emma Weaver, Helene Martin Gee, Joanne Hession, Karen Mc Dermott, Mairead Mackle, Marine Tanguy, Mary Busk, Mary Pagano, Peace Mitchell, Rita Shah, Roseann Kelly, Sarah Blake & Tina McKenzie. 



Voices of Leadership

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