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Coming Soon This book is for those who are grieving over the loss of a loved one who suicided.I've written something that I hope will give you comfort during this heartbreaking time. There are so many emotions to navigate in the post suicide slipstream and those feelings don't run to a schedule or make sense to someone that has not shared the experience of suicide bereavement.I'm Fiona Jefferies and I've lost someone I loved dearly to suicide. After taking up too much real estate in my head over the years, I wanted to share what helped me through the grief (therapy, hugs and rock n' roll) and what didn't (consulting a tarot reader in a suburban shopping centre).I'm sending you love, strength and the songs of Nine Inch Nails to get you through. There's life beyond the mourning after.

A Small Book About Suicide

SKU: 9780648521198
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