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The world is changing, and across the globe women are stepping up into positions of influence in some of the biggest corporate organisations, while others are taking the bold, entrepreneurial step of starting out on their own – ordinary women doing extra-ordinary things! 


Karen Gee leads this anthology with grace and adoration for each of the featured Global Girls. Karen has brought together eleven powerful and motivating women, sharing their definition of success – because everyone’s journey is unique.


This collection of inspirational stories will show you that sometimes, when you believe strongly enough and are prepared to take steps outside of your comfort zone, your dreams can fall into place.


Contributing authors: Karen Gee, Amretta Abbott, Anna Dartnell, Annick Donat, Carrie Rogers, Karen Evans-Cullen, Karen Mc Dermott, Melanie Power, Monique Anderson, Nerina Lahoud, Partizia Ancelotti, Vanessa Atienza-Hipolito.


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Global Girls

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