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Life today is busier than it ever has been before; pings and notifications distract us every moment. Work doesn’t finish at 5pm. Emails, social media and text messages happen around the clock.
Somehow, we’ve become more technologically advanced with automations to help us save time in every area of life, yet instead of giving us back our time, our days seem to be busier and busier.
Filled with uplifting stories that inspire us to remember our dreams and the vision for our life and remind us that, despite the challenges, there is always a chance to change your life and find more room for joy.
This book guides you to break the cycle of busy and fall back in love with the joy of finding time for yourself instead, led by people who know how to navigate the way, leaders in the field as industry experts together with those who have lived experience of saying goodbye busy and hello happy.

Goodbye Busy, Hello Happy

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