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Coming December 2020

It is no mystery that public speaking is not only a highly paid skillset, it is also a skill that can rapidly build ones’ credibility, authority and influence. For an important skill like public speaking, it's unfortunate that there are a lot of people who shy away from it. Glossophobia—the fear of public speaking—ranks above other popular phobias like arachnophobia, thanatophobia and acrophobia. Ron Malhotra has written this guide to help you overcome your fears and speak as confidently as the world's top public speakers. This book doesn't just rush to outline tips and superficial tactics for overcoming the fear of public speaking. It attempts to enable you to understand why this fear exists in the first place. Understanding the root cause of a problem is the primary step towards finding a solution. When we understand this concept, we apply it more naturally and convincingly. How To Speak Like The World's Top Public Speakers is a practical guide that reveals uncommon public speaking secrets that has worked since the times of ancient speakers like Aristotle and Cicero, all the way to present day speakers like Barack Obama and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  It also examines the lives of top public speakers today and what makes them unique and so highly sought after. This book is a melting pot of the highest philosophies and advanced strategies used by the best in the game and offers an array of techniques already employed by the best public speakers of this century to advance you as the next exceptional public speaker.

How To Speak Like The World's Top Public Speakers

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