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Forget Me Not is a deeply emotional collection of short stories, which strive to bring a soulful connection between all that read it.


Stories of risk, triumph, love and loss are collated in this stunning admiration of human connection, spanning across the globe from India, to the UK and all the way to Australia. This book emulates the feel-good factor, providing a space of love, kindness, compassion and simplicity, the perfect collection of stories based on the author’s real life and those of her family and friends.


Dr Aparna Baruah is a consultant radiologist currently residing in Perth, Western Australia. As a doctor during the pandemic, the feeling of loss was monumental, which guided her intuitively and spiritually to gather memories and stories of love and gratitude, to help bring back some of the positivity and compassion that was lost to our world after 2020.

Forget Me Not

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