The eagerly-awaited first book by children's health advocate, lunchbox expert and keynote speaker Belinda Smith, The Lunchbox Effect is an expose on the packaged foods commonly found in children's lunchboxes, and the shocking effects those foods can have on your child's learning, behaviour and health. The Lunchbox Effect is a guide book for parents on what growing brains and bodies need to thrive, and is filled with practical tips designed to make your life easier: how to read packet food labels, what to pack in your child's lunchbox, and how to have better conversations with your kids about food. The Lunchbox Effect also contains an index of over 500 typical lunchbox packaged foods detailing the number of ingredients, sugar and salt content, and more. With expert contributions from a nutritionist, a dietician, an additive expert, and even a school principal, The Lunchbox Effect is a must­ read for teachers and parents of school-aged children everywhere.

The Lunchbox Effect